Fashion modelling

Fashion modelling can be both demanding and rewarding as a career. Here at CAFB, we don’t believe that your potential as a model is based on your physical appearance. What we do believe is that solid self-awareness, self-confidence and discipline make great models stand out from their competitors, and land the best contracts.

We teach you the skills and techniques to feel empowered from the inside, out. Whether you’re here to start and grow a modelling career, or you want to feel more confident about yourself and your body, this is the perfect platform for you.


Starting your modelling career can make you nervous and excited all at once. The good thing is that you don’t need any previous experience to get started. You don’t need a matric certificate or high school diploma either.

Start a modelling career

Here’s what you’ll learn in our Fashion Modelling 101 course, perfect for first timers and aspiring models who have yet to attend formal training:

  • Posture
  • Gait
  • Eye contact
  • Posing
  • Personal brand & philosophy

Fashion model development

Developing yourself as a fashion model means building on the experience you already have. This is about getting better and refining those skills to make sure that you stand out from your competitors at auditions, especially when measurement is not the deal-breaker for the casting agents. For example, did you know that fashion models have job descriptions, may need to prepare for interview questions, or even submit cover letters to further their careers, with or without agency involvement?

What people think of our fashion modelling programmes

Fashion modelling programmes don’t always have to cost a lot or require you to travel a long distance for training. Here’s what people think about our CAFB fashion modelling programmes: