What is CAFB?

CAFB stands for Creative Angels Fashion Benefit. We offer a safe creative environment for people to develop confidence through learning fashion modelling techniques, and basic business skills for launching creative companies. There are no height or weight requirements, and you don’t need a matric certificate or high school diploma to learn with us.

Our platform was created in 2012, originally as a once-off fundraising initiative, and grew to become South Africa’s springboard for aspiring models and fashion entrepreneurs. Thanks to key sponsors, like City Varsity Cape Town, we’ve been able to facilitate training and development programmes for aspiring fashion models and fashion startups, every year. We’ve hosted major fashion shows at iconic venues like One & Only Cape Town, Marriott Crystal Towers Hotel and The River Club, launching and furthering the careers of models and actors like Ingar Qwede, Masithembe Rawe and Nathan Balie, to name a few.

Who makes up our team?

We’re a diverse team of professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, united by our mission to leave people and places better off than when we first find them. We work on CAFB projects part-time but we’re always looking out for one another and living out our shared values of integrity, discipline, and respect:

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In memory of Steve Miller – We would like to take this opportunity to remember Steve, our Senior Photographer from 2013 to 2021. Steve devoted his life to positively transforming the lives of others, and we are eternally grateful for the many years we were blessed with his presence and input. We hold Steve’s family and his wife, Rhoda, in our hearts every day and seek to honour Steve’s values of kindness, compassion and integrity.

Our vision

We want people in South Africa, and around the world, to access our safe creative space to learn new skills and develop personal confidence. We want to be the world’s go-to platform for effective creative career and business skills development.

Why are we doing this?

Often, creative people have to break many barriers to be taken seriously as professionals. In many communities, children and young adults are often expected and commanded to follow the ideals of others, in order to feel worthy of respect and admiration. We want to change this, and offer a trustworthy and positive transformational experience for anyone, from any walk of life.