Why do CAFB Fashion Shows start with SA's national anthem?

Every year since 2012, Creative Angels Fashion Benefit fashion shows have begun with cast, crew and audiences singing the South African National Anthem, Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika. Not many people know the significance of this decision, taken by CAFB Founder, Prenessa Nalliah, so we dedicate this article to explaining the meaning of this.

Linking South Africa’s story with CAFB:

South Africa’s history is riddled with oppression, suffering and torture. Millions of people were denied basic human rights, based on the colour of their skin. Out of this, over many years, emerged the spirit of Ubuntu.

CAFB lives out the spirit of Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is commonly translated as “I am, because you are,” but it’s much more than this to South Africans, and to us at CAFB. Ubuntu represents every Angel, whether working or training with us. It’s about bravery, camaraderie, unconditional love and a bond as a single human family.

This very essence is what fuels the CAFB mission, to leave South Africa a better place through each and every fashion show, workshop, programme, event, interview and action. The hardship which shaped our nation is the inspiration for our organisation’s existence.

What does CAFB stand for as a South African organisation?

South Africa’s democracy, and outstanding constitution, stand for equal rights and opportunity for all citizens. The CAFB’s aim is to uphold the constitution, albeit as a private company, by acting on providing such equal opportunities. CAFB is always sharing #AngelLove for people of all shapes, colours and economic backgrounds: we’re here for everyone and we’re here to offer you the professional industry opportunities you deserve, whether or not you’ve had access to this before.

How does CAFB uphold the South African constitution?

We’re here to respect and promote our constitution. Think about the most iconic sports matches in the world: teams and fans belt out their national anthems before the game even begins, to rally everyone together as supporters; to share in the pride of representing entire nations’ hopes and dreams. The CAFB is a remarkable space, where everyone has the opportunity to belong and to contribute and take away a sense of pride in themselves and in each other.

Reciting the South African national anthem is our way of reminding ourselves of the progress humanity and our democratic country has made, in addition to the work we still need to do.

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