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Fashion Business 101

An email course to help you launch your fashion business.
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Want to start a fashion business? Hooray! We’re on your side!!

We’ve been helping fashion entrepreneurs just like you find their way into the industry since 2012.

We’ve put together this email-based learning programme to help you overcome your fears and challenges, and begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this first introductory email course:

  1. Why fashion business? What does it mean to you and what’s going to motivate you when the hard days come?
  2. Who are you serving and what do they need? Let’s focus on your customers and how you can entice them to seek you out.
  3. What’s your core service and what do you outsource? Avoid the trap of burnout early on by being clear about what tasks you enjoy and what you want to offload.
  4. Legal and financial frameworks: these are the two most important business functions in any industry.
  5. Start-up marketing with no capital: it’s not a myth but it will require hard work. Are you up for it?

As long as you keep the emails, the lessons will be accessible to you. This means that you can revise wherever you are, whenever you want, and use our tips and tricks to keep yourself on track.


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