Learn to model without matric or a high school diploma

All around the world, students leaving high school are under pressure to present good grades in order to receive opportunities to work and build a career. This is both a good thing and it also creates a whole other set of challenges for young people, so our programmes help young people build creative careers without matric certificates or high school diplomas.

Matriculating or graduating from high school is a big deal. It determines whether or not a student will get into college, and for which field of study. It is also seen as a mark of competence, and is used to benchmark a person’s employability, which can be unfair. 

Not everyone is destined for academic success, but society has commoditised education to the point at which no high school certificate means less value as a prospective employee. Although technical skills might be lacking in a student without such a qualification, it doesn’t mean that the student won’t be a great employee or a successful business owner later on in life. We at CAFB believe that creative careers are just as viable as traditional medical, engineering, scientific or financial careers.

Learn to model:

Modelling is about the way you carry yourself in certain environments: understanding how to walk, speak and present yourself and other brands with grace, dignity and appeal to the target audience. This means that anyone can learn to model, and that the height, weight and measurement requirements of the mainstream modelling industry are disintegrating as more people come to the realisation. We don’t enjoy using labels, but we do take notice of the headlines that mention differently abled people and diverse physiques taking to the runway or featuring in catalogues. 

You can use our free and premium programmes to learn to model. Our digital programmes are designed to help you learn about the basics, and if you’re serious about building yourself a modelling career then you’ll be interested in our premium products that help you enter the industry safely and with a higher chance of success.

Do you need matric to learn to model?

No. You can learn to model without any previous experience or qualifications, including matric or a high school diploma.

Can you use modelling to earn money to study?

Yes, of course! We have trained plenty of people who booked modelling jobs to help pay for their studies. You can use your modelling skills and confidence as a way to raise funds for other goals in your life, be it studying any academic field or achieving other milestones in life.

Fashion modelling qualifications

Fashion modelling is a multifaceted industry. This means that there are many ways to work in the field, and there are different schools of thought about each one. Although fashion model training is evolving around the world, the industry standards aren’t fully formalised into academic structures.

Training is expensive at mainstream or professional agencies, and it can be costly to begin your modelling portfolio, let alone get better at the craft. This is why we offer a range of free and cost-effective digital programmes to help you learn without taking student loans. Click here to look at the options.

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